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Kultura Edukacja i wychowanie Inne Build connections across the borders

The project “Build connections across the borders” will take place in La Roche-sur-Yon inside the organization “Vents et Marées” whose field of action is “Drama”, “Informal and formal Education” and “Learning French as a foreign language”. The volunteer will participate actively in the association activities alongside volunteers of the association who work at the promotion of cultural activities in schools. She/he will be accompanied by the employee of the organization as well as by all the volunteers of the association.

Vents et Marées has existed since 1982, it aims at promoting theatre as an activity practiced by young people in France and abroad. In this context, it is supported by state institutions and local authorities. Three theatrical events are organized each year. They are based on the same line, namely: young people play their show, they attend performances of other groups of young people and a professional show, they talk about the shows they have seen and about how they see their own practice, they follow workshops taught by professional actors. 

“Vents et Marées” has developed an international network around the question of theatre for and with young people and every three years, the association is in charge of organizing the gathering of young people coming from the twenty countries of our international network. The meeting lasts about ten days takes place partly in Pays de la Loire and partly in La Roche-sur-Yon. Each country sends one group, so that around twenty nationalities are represented. Our organization has also developed expertise in training in the area of learning French as a foreign language through theatrical practice. As such, it is sponsored by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and offers courses in France and abroad on request.

Opis zadania dla wolontariusza


According to her/his needs and interests, the project will be personalized on the aspirations and attitude of each volunteer but here is some activities we are proposing :
- Presentation of his/her home country and its culture in the association Vents et Marées and in educational institutions ;
- Disseminate information about the European Solidarity Corps program and share her/his experience through conferences and meetings with young people and the International Relations Department of the city of La Roche-sur-Yon, in schools and during meetings with young French people wishing to go abroad;
- Events organization (the volunteer will be involved in all logistical steps up to the realization of our Printemps Théâtral) ;
- Communication: website moderation, creation of communication tools, use of different medias (like making videos, blog, etc.) and the social networks to spread information
- Take part to Drama workshops and projects organized by Vents et Marées or one of its partner. people or inclusion activities.
- Creation of personal project (e.g. writing articles or newsletters, making a photo or video exhibition, etc.).

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Accommodation, food and transport arrangements :

The association is located in the city center of La Roche-sur-Yon (85/FRANCE),which guarantees an easy access to all shops and public services.
The volunteer will be hosted in a shared flat closed to the office. She/he will share the flat with a young Spanish person who is working as a “Service Civique” for the city council. She/he has her/his own room. No food is directly provided by the organization, but the volunteer will receive monthly a financial help.
A bicycle is provided for daily journeys. The way to the office is short so she/he can make it on foot if she/he prefers. For largest distances, a volunteer will take her/him by car.

Training during the opportunity :

- 2 hours of French course per week, the members of the association will accompany him/her in his/her preparation for the DELF/DALF exam;
- Training on professional software such as “Photoshop” or “In Design”
- Registration in a workshop (theater, photography, etc.) with students or adults;
- Enrollment in workshops with students
- He or she will be offered to volunteer at local festivals and participate in cultural and
linguistic exchanges during "cafés polyglottes".


Wiek wolontariusza: od 18 do 30 lat.

Dodatkowe informacje/wymagania

Volunteer profile :
Vents et Marées will treat equally all applications.
We will pay a special attention to human qualities that will make the volunteer feel comfortable with cultural activities and with Europe information activities.
- Motivation for getting in touch with a lot of different publics and taste for activities with young people.
- Curiosity and open-mindedness
- Interest for Drama and the question of learning foreign languages
- Interest for the European issues and intercultural relations
- Given the specificity of our organization which is working to promote “Francophonie” within our international network a middle level in French language is an asset.
- Willingness to share one's culture ;
- Minimal knowledge of the French language.




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