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Kultura Inne 12 Months of Volunteering at “Deutsches Tanzfilminstitut” in Bremen, Germany

Are you passionate about dance? What about film? This volunteering project combines these two topics! You can join the team at the German Dance Film Institute, the largest archive of dance films and thus an important educational institution in the arts sector!

As part of the project “From Global To Local”, we will invite 5 young people to volunteer at 5 different institutions in Bremen. Together, you will be making an active contribution to our city, the people that live in it, and the environment we share together. The European Solidarity Corps wants to bring people from different backgrounds together to form a society based on mutual acceptance, solidarity and cohesion.

This project position will be hosted by Deutsches Tanzfilminstitut.


The Deutsches Tanzfilminstitut (TAFI) was founded in 1988 by Heide-Marie Härtel as a non-profit organisation to gather and archive videos of dance performances from all around Germany. It is now the largest dance archive in all of Europe.

The institute frequently goes to film dance performances and award ceremonies in various parts of Germany, as well as most performances in Bremen.

The other main activity of the institute is to digitalise and update the archive which has over 40000 video cassettes.

The institute creates its own video productions, develops series of events and lectures, and cooperates with other cultural institutions on a project specific basis.

Instagram: @tanzfilminstitutbremen

Opis zadania dla wolontariusza

Your responsibilities include:

Helping with the filming and production of dance films, recorded during events in Bremen and other places in Germany
Supporting the organisation in the digitisation of video cassettes to create an online archive of their materials
Helping with the organisation of the “Tanzsalon”, a monthly event for citizens of Bremen where people passionate about dance meet to exchange ideas
Editing of publicity materials, if needed, like instagram, website, facebook and other materials
As you can see – there are a lot of technical things to learn here! Don’t worry, previous experience is not required, it is more important that you are patient, willing to learn and open to ask questions. You will receive training from the staff at the institute and learn as you go along.

Other than the work at your hosting organisation, you will organise 2 bigger events for the community of Bremen together with the other 4 volunteers on this project. The topic, framework, audience – everything will be up to your team to decide! An incredible chance to make an impact on something that you are passionate about!


You will be accommodated in a flat in Bremen with two other ESC volunteers.

As an ESC volunteer, you will receive health insurance, monthly pocket money for food and other expenses (246€ + 150€). Travel costs will be reimbursed depending on the travel distance (normally between 180-360€). If you need a visa, we will support you in the process with the embassy.

You will be supported by a Coordinator and a Mentor to help you get settled in your work place and the city of Bremen. You will also receive German language lessons of 2 hours per week.


Wiek wolontariusza: od 18 do 30 lat.

Dodatkowe informacje/wymagania

You can apply, if you…

… can communicate in English (A2-B1) and German (A2) and are willing to improve your language skills
… are passionate about technology and dance, basic knowlegde of filming is a  big advantage

… love to be creative and motivated about making a positive change in society
… are an open-minded person, motivated to work in a team and with people from different religious, cultural and social backgrounds


In short, this project will give you the chance to become a part of a really special mission and organisation in the arts sector, learn what it’s like to organise the filming of performances and digitise video materials, help with the hosting of local events and find ways of how to work in a team – while living in a new city and culture together with other young Europeans!




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